Let’s recap

How about that? I wrote about getting my driver's license. A proud moment. Since then, I rode my bike precisely once. You see, I ride my bicycle all winter long. I cannot bring myself to use public transport and no matter how cold, windy or wet, the bike it is. I may not stay dry, … Continue reading Let’s recap

All done

Initially, I had hoped to write as I was learning to ride a motorcycle. But between work (two jobs), driving lessons, having a social life and being away once or twice, I simply found no time to keep going as I was doing all of this. So, I'm all done now. I've got my license … Continue reading All done

Getting somewhere

It’s been much longer than I had planned. Seriously, I wanted to write new blogs whilst I was doing my lessons. Regular updates and all that. But life was too busy. My freelance work took up a huge chunk of my time. Then my second job. Then a holiday. And then my driving lessons. Honestly, … Continue reading Getting somewhere

Female perspective

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog is because there aren't that many female motorcyclists around. Why I ask! Why?! I'm not a speed junkie. Honestly, I'm a very defensive cyclist, though I do love to pick up speed and ride down the road without a care in the world. Love it! … Continue reading Female perspective

Gearing up

Holy hell! Getting your motorcycle gear is going to cost you a pretty buck. If you don't know it yet, let me tell you: motorcycling can be a rather expensive hobby. But it's also very cool, so you probably won't mind spending some money on it. Most budgets can be accommodated, though you may not … Continue reading Gearing up