Let’s recap

How about that? I wrote about getting my driver’s license. A proud moment. Since then, I rode my bike precisely once.

You see, I ride my bicycle all winter long. I cannot bring myself to use public transport and no matter how cold, windy or wet, the bike it is. I may not stay dry, but I do stay warm. I am moving vigorously, after all.

But taking the motorbike was out of the question. Sometimes I longed for a little sun and warmth to be able to ride. Except, I remember riding at just 4°C and I don’t have heated gloves or grips. So, no matter how warm I dress up, my hands and feet tend to get cold so quickly that riding in the cold is no fun.

I am thinking about getting heated grips for next fall.

Anyway, my motorbike has been sitting in the garage for four months now and since I am currently in Greece, where the weather would be perfect for a ride, but neither the roads nor the other participants on the streets are, I am still not able to ride my bike. It’s almost a blessing that winter (or what passed for it this year) has still not let up, meaning it is still windy, wet and too cold at home.

I’ll be back in April and I’m hoping the weather will play along then. I didn’t buy a bike to have it collect dust.

Here I am then, dreaming of riding a bike without being able to do so. But I’ll get back to it when the time is right. And the weather. Yes, clearly I am a wimp… not on the bicycle, mind you.

In the meantime, I shall dedicated some more work to this blog, looking back at my driving lessons, which may be of interest to those who are about to start their lessons this spring.

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