All done

Initially, I had hoped to write as I was learning to ride a motorcycle. But between work (two jobs), driving lessons, having a social life and being away once or twice, I simply found no time to keep going as I was doing all of this.

So, I’m all done now. I’ve got my license and I bought a motorbike. It sounds somewhat anti-climactic. But really, it was an adventure. And I will write about it.

I’ll do a bit of a retrospective blog about the whole experience. And then I have to think how I want to continue. Because I do want to. There aren’t that many female bikers out there documenting their experience.

I don’t know that I’ll do video and a vlog, though. I just can’t see myself doing that, even though it would be a new experience and, in many ways, a new challenge. But do I really want to add any more to the things I am already doing? Is it not better to work on those things and get them right than doing too many things just half-assed?

I’m sure, I’ll figure out how I want to continue on this adventure.

This is just a little update because it’s been such a long time since my last post. I’ve thought about writing more and I always turned to something seemingly more important. But none of it was more important.

I find it utterly absurd that I have a motorbike and a license to ride it. And absolutely love it. I’m so happy that I went out and did this.

I want to share that joy. I want to write about it. As I said, the best writing is the one you feel passionate about. So, there’ll be more. And soon. I promise.

That photo? That’s me on my bike…

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