Keep calm

And ride your motorbike. Seriously.

My last driving lesson was not great. It was only the third, so it’s okay. I don’t have to have a routine yet or feel super calm and relaxed riding along narrow side streets with too much traffic. But it didn’t help that prior to my lesson I was feeling under the weather for a few days and had a weird anxious feeling that morning.

Honestly, I don’t get anxious, even though I can get nervous. Everybody gets nervous. But I don’t suffer from anxiety. And I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Since I didn’t feel great, I wasn’t sure about getting on the bike. I had a headache and I had a shift at work afterwards with very little time to get home, shower and head out again.

All things considered, it wasn’t the greatest day to go riding. So, it didn’t go well. It was alright, but I’m not sure I made much progress. In the end, it felt good to be on a bike. I was just a little too nervous all around and not ready to take the next step of going on the main road.

That night, I rode my bicycle home through the city centre and along many main roads. It was a breeze. I had had a great shift at work. I had a long day and I was very tired. But I really enjoyed my ride home and wondered why it couldn’t be the same on a motorbike. Why shouldn’t it be the same? I know how to get through traffic. I know the rules. I know how to ride a motorbike. Sure, I need to get a better feeling for operating clutch and throttle.

My biggest issue right now is acceleration. Picking up speed instils massive respect for the power of the machine underneath me. It’s got a lot more horsepower than I will ever own or really want to ride. So, I really need to get better throttle control. And I can’t be afraid of accelerating.

Thus, the motto is: Keep calm and ride on.

I need to trust my skills and instinct. I’m good in traffic. I’m not used to being in the middle of it and I just have to get over that.

My next lesson is tomorrow, and I feel much better about it than the last one. I’ll be fine.

I will keep calm and I will ride the motorbike through traffic.

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