Female perspective

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog is because there aren’t that many female motorcyclists around. Why I ask! Why?!

I’m not a speed junkie. Honestly, I’m a very defensive cyclist, though I do love to pick up speed and ride down the road without a care in the world. Love it!

If anything, I’m a freedom junkie. I love the wind in my hair (fat chance of that with a helmet on, but okay). I like the air. I like the sun. I like the open road. I also love to travel. It’s my life.

Right, what was my point again?

Oh, yes, why are there so few female motorcyclists? Let’s get back to that, shall we?

In Germany, the percentage of new motorbikes that have been registered by women in the first half of 2018 was 11.9% of all registrations. Apparently, this has been a fairly constant percentage over the last 4 years.

In the first half of 2019, 7,127 motorbikes were registered by women and 51,900 were registered by men.

Interestingly, women between 50 and 59 make up the largest group of new registrations. Women of 40 and above follow, then women between 30 and 39. Then women below 29 and finally women above 60.

It’s not that different for men, mind you.

Regardless, I did look into some statistics and men traditionally make up the majority of motorbike owners. Women have been accessories for many years, riding pillion or just letting their men go about seeking more independence.

But as women keep claiming their independence and individuality, they also discover motorsports, including riding motorbikes.

When you check out YouTube for videos about motorbikes and riding, the vast majority has not only been made by men but very clearly for men. I’m not bothered to be included among the ‘dudes’ when the vloggers address their audience. There are great videos out there and I’ve found many very helpful and informative.

But the lack of female perspective is glaring and eventually a little bothersome. I’ve not yet gone out of my way to find female bloggers or vloggers. The ones I have found were mostly by accident. One of them I adore and will write about separately.

So, as a writer, I had the sudden urge to simply go ahead and dedicate a new blog to the topic. I doubt I’ll become a vlogger, but you never know.

I love writing, of course, and writing about something I love is the best kind of writing you can do. So, here we go.

By the way, the title of my blog is inspired by my writing blog, which is called “Writing my life away”.

I have no intention of killing myself on the road or ever get into an accident. Riding my life away simply means to ride whenever I can and make the most of it.

I’m a traveller, I’m a writer, and now I’m a rider as well.

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