Gearing up

Holy hell! Getting your motorcycle gear is going to cost you a pretty buck. If you don’t know it yet, let me tell you: motorcycling can be a rather expensive hobby.

But it’s also very cool, so you probably won’t mind spending some money on it. Most budgets can be accommodated, though you may not get the best or most comfortable gear out there.

Before you gear up, do a little homework. You’ll need a helmet, jacket, gloves, pants (trousers if you’re British) and boots. There are many different styles to choose from and what you end up picking usually depends on two things: personal style and the kind of riding you’ll want to do.

For instance, it is highly unlikely that you’ll find a rider on the track in Kevlar jeans. Just as it is not very likely that a Harley rider will put on a full leather combination from Dainese.

So, you might be inclined to check out online what the options are. That’s what I did. I simply checked online stores for motorcycle gear to figure out what I like and read the reviews to see what others had to say. Then go to the store and try the clothes on – if one is near you, of course.

Considering my budget, I didn’t want to buy a jacket for €300 or more. There’s no real limit as to how expensive gear can get and often you also pay for the brand name. Do keep that in mind.

I opted for low to mid-range prices. There’s much in that range that is of decent quality and even as a beginner, you’re likely to find something here that will last you a while.

Let me introduce my gear to you.

The Jacket – FLM Ladies Touring Jacket 2.1

When I first saw this jacket online, I liked it right away. I wanted to get a lighter jacket because of better visibility but also because it doesn’t suck up the warmth of the sun in summer.

This is a year-round jacket and comes with two inserts – a membrane and a thermal layer. Without them, it makes a decent summer jacket with a few vents, though I don’t know how hot it’ll get in high temperatures at cruising speed. That is something that I’ll figure out in the next few weeks as it is still August and I have a lot of riding ahead of me.

The reason I chose this in the end, was the fact that it fit better than all the others in that price range. It was immediately comfortable and it’s long enough in the sleeves for me. I’m nearly 5’11 (or 179 cm), I weigh about 146 pounds (or 66 kg), my shoulders are wider than my hips, my legs are long whilst my upper body is relatively short and I have long arms. So, finding the right fit is never easy.

This jacket fit right away as if it was made for me. Which means I obviously had to buy it. Price tag €249.99. Phew…

The Pants – Spirits Motors Ladies Aramid Jeans Stretch 2.0

I knew I wanted jeans rather than leather pants or Cordura textile pants. I have a 34″ inseam, so once again, getting the right length is not always easy. I ended up picking these on a whim as they were the only ones in my size when I tried them on.

The light colour of the seams matched my jacket nicely and I could move around well enough in these jeans. They are quite heavy and a little too warm for summer, I think. But I’ll keep testing things out and will report back.

Price tag for these €119

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