In Theory

In Germany, you have to go through a whole driving course and two tests (one theoretical and one practical) before you get a license and can get yourself a motorbike.

Well, you could probably get a motorcycle at any point before that, but that would make no sense whatsoever since you wouldn’t be allowed to ride it.

So, onward we go.

Usually, theory and practice are done side by side. Since I don’t even have regular driver’s license, I have to do most of the general driving theory on top of the special motorcycle theory. That means I get to sit in a class with other people who want to learn to drive a car and listen to an instructor explaining driving rules and regulations in Germany.

I’ve been several times now and will continue until I’ve done all of the required theory, and it’s been fun. Our instructor is quite entertaining. But I still feel that I learn a lot. Having participated in traffic as a cyclist and a spectator from the backseat of many cars, I already know plenty about these things. But there’s also a lot to learn still.

Plus, I have a learning app that takes me through all the current questions that are part of the catalogue of the official theory test. There are over 1,000 questions I can sift through. In the end, however, I’ll only be asked 40 questions.

Mind you, many questions are deceptively similar and it’s a multiple choice style of questionnaire, where sometimes all answers are correct.

I am enjoying it all, though. It’s a whole new area to learn things about and I’m soaking it all up. Plus, I’m meeting some fun people in my class and I pay much more attention on my bicycle as well.

There is no downside.

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