First practice

It’s summer. It’s hot. Everyone is on holiday. And I have set my mind on getting my motorcycle license.

If I set my mind on something, I am going after it. Sometimes it’s a very slow approach. You may want many things in life, but they may not always be within reach. Sometimes you have to work your way up to a point where you can touch them.

Some things are worth waiting for. The point is to not lose sight. The first time I sat on a motorcycle was 15 years ago, or thereabouts. And I knew right away that it was right. And that I wanted to ride one of these things one day.

I didn’t know the first thing about motorcycles nor did I bother to learn anything about them for the past 15 years. I appreciated them from a distance.

I did other things in the intervening years, but I always had that motorcycle thing at the back of my mind.

And now that I started, I cannot get enough.

My timing wasn’t the greatest, though it may yet work to my advantage in some ways.

You see, when everyone’s on holiday, nobody’s around to teach you to ride a motorcycle. Whilst there’s still someone at my driving school able to teach the theoretical stuff, I’m on hold for practice lessons.

And that hurts just a little bit because my driving teacher did arrange for me to have my first lesson on the day before he went on holiday.

It was a little tentative at first. He was, in any case. And I tended to caution, too, since this was a very new thing to experience. I’ve ridding pillion on scooters, but this is a different matter entirely.

So, here I am on the bike after my first lesson šŸ˜€

After explaining the workings of the machine, I sat on it, we got going, he kept walking and then running along whilst I basically just let the clutch pull me down the street and we just tried the most basic things out. I realised quickly that picking up speed gave me much more stability and I will insist on riding properly the next time.

But it was okay to take it easy this first hour and I learned a lot and felt comfortable to continue. Plus, my teacher is a nice guy. He’s very encouraging and was very pleased with my quick progress and obvious talent to ride.

The next day, as he went on his holiday, I could have jumped on the bike again. Alas, my next lesson is still days away.

So, I’ve been YouTubing instead. More on that in my next post, though.

Let me repeat, I’m not a speed junkie, but I am so itching to continue. It’s quite ridiculous and a lot of people would even say out of character.

Except, it isn’t šŸ˜€

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